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Themed Rooms Magic Hotel

The themed rooms of an enchanted world where you are welcomed by wizards, talking trees and magical creatures!


Enter the home of the Great Wizard

Is casting spells your favourite pastime? Imagine being the guest of a great wizard with an enormous hat, in a house where everything is enchanted just like the world around him: with books that flap out their pages as they fly and islands hanging in the sky, all that's left for you to do is pick up your magic wand and say the magic words in the Wizard-House room!

Become an Apprentice Wizard straightaway!


Discover the magic ice castle

Sogni di essere Re o Regina di un regno veramente magico? Allora scegli di dormire in un castello scintillante dove tutto è realizzato con imponenti cristalli di ghiaccio. A farti compagnia ci saranno anche possenti draghi e candidi unicorni alati perché tu possa trascorre una notte semplicemente incantata!

Grab hold of a magic crystal and become the monarch of the ice castle!


Enter the enchanted forest!

Wouldn't you love to meet the magical creatures of an enchanted forest? Find yourself face-to-face with a huge talking tree and, after wandering through climbing vines and trailing plants, be amazed by the giant mushrooms... What better place to enjoy a magical night?!

Become a magical creature yourself in the enchanted forest!