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Rooms of the Adventure Hotel



Wild West Adventure Theme Room

In the Wild West seeking freedom

Get ready to experience breathtaking adventures by stepping into the Wild West!
If the idea of participating in a duel in the Far West has always tickled you, and you would like to feel the thrill of a dispute between sheriff and outlaw… well, in that case this is the room for you!
You will sleep under a starry sky in a deliciously comfortable wagon, but if you are captured by the untiring sheriff, it will be no simple matter spending the night behind bars! May fate be with you. Get your gun and belt, spurs and hat and hop on the saddle… IIHHHHAAA!


Arabian Adventure Theme Room

Express a wish while looking up at the stars or rubbing the wishing lamp!

Have you ever seen a flying carpet or have you ever met the genie of the lamp? Your Superior Arabian Adventure room is fitted out as a majestic Arabian palace where you will be surrounded by a multitude of precious objects and details, and a large terrace for relaxing moments spent star gazing! You can experience an adventure amidst sand dunes, refreshing oases and flying carpets... and if you cannot find your way back, well… don't worry, merely rub your wishing lamp and help will instantly be at hand!


Jungle Adventure Theme Room

Discover the treasures of the thick unexplored jungle!

Get ready to walk into the unexplored jungle under the curious eyes of monkeys and colourful parrots... equip yourself with binoculars and hat... and enjoy exploring! If being surrounded by luxuriant vegetation packed with life, temples and other signs of ancient civilisations fascinates you, then this is the room that will fascinate you!
Hence, get ready to live the life of a curious and... fearless explorer!


Arctic Adventure Theme Room

Cross the North Pole, seeking rest in an igloo!
Get ready for an expedition in which icy white landscapes will only be the setting for your adventure to the North Pole. You will make dangerous crossings in the freezing cold amidst the icebergs of the Arctic region, discovering traces of glacial creatures of the past. You will also notice polar bears in every direction.