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New for 2023 - The Gardaland Resort hotels are going cashless

To make your stay at a Gardaland Resort hotel simpler and easier, it is possible to make solely electronic payments with cards (credit card, debit card, or pre-paid card), pass-through wallet, or cashless wristband.
The personal cashless wristband means you don’t need to carry a payment card with you, and it can be collected during the check-in process. It can be topped up, quickly and safely, with cash or payment card at any time thanks to the designated stations located in each of our hotels (Gardaland Hotel and Magic Hotel reception areas, Tutankhamon Restaurant).

How can I make payments inside the hotels?
During your stay in our hotels, you can only make electronic payments: with cards (credit card, debit card, or pre-paid card), pass-through wallet, or cashless wristband. The cashless wristband is free and can be topped up (also using cash) at the designated stations.

Who can ask for a cashless wristband? Can children also have a cashless wristband?
The cashless wristband can be requested by 1 family member and does not bear any name. Use of the wristband is recommended for adults only, or for minors if accompanied by an adult at the time of payment.

Where can I request the cashless wristband?
You can ask for it at reception, when you arrive at the hotel or during your stay.

Where can I use the cashless wristband?
It can be used in our hotels: at the shop, bars, restaurants and Blue Lagoon waterpark area. The wristband can also be used at Legoland Waterpark.

Where can I top up the cashless wristband?
The wristbands can be topped up at the designated stations located in the reception area of Gardaland Hotel and Magic Hotel, or at Tutankhamon Restaurant (Adventure Hotel).

How can I pay for the cashless wristband top-ups?
You can top up the wristband with a cash payment or credit card. We ask you to use the same payment method for each top-up.

Can any remaining credit on the wristband be recovered?
You can recover remaining credit via one of the three stations in the respective hotels.

How is remaining credit dispensed?
The repayment is made via the top-up station and takes place in the same way as a top-up. In the event of credit remaining as a result of mixed method top-ups (a combination of credit card and cash top-ups), the repayment will always be made via credit card first.

What happens if I lose the cashless wristband?
In this event, we ask you to inform reception as soon as possible of the loss, and you will receive a new wristband which you can top up. 

In the event of loss of the wristband, can any remaining credit be recovered?
The cashless wristband is a device offered free of charge to guests. The hotels are not responsible for the loss of the wristband or any credit it may hold.